Launching Daylife Cookbook

We launch the Daylife Cookbook with a whole new sassy design and 50 recipes today. Cookbook is a collection of showcases that partners and developers have implemented using the Daylife API, samples and tutorials to use the API, more lazyweb ideas that have a design but no code behind them and the API documentation.

The registration on cookbook is invite only for now. But if you got ideas, drop me a line and we will send you an account to contribute to it.

All the lazyweb ideas have a bounty, so just steal one of them, implement it and get paid.


Cookbook – What is it?

We started putting together everything that we or daylife‘s API users have done with the API as collection of posts on this drupal powered site called The Cookbook. Michael asked me to write a few lines as to what I think the cookbook is. This is what I came up with:

The Cookbook is a collection of recipes from daylifers and the cookbook community to discover what you can do with the Daylife platform. These recipes are ideas, how-tos, sample code, case studies, FAQs for what you can do with the Daylife platform. It is a place to post your recipes for the projects you have cooked with the Daylife platform and share your knowledge and expertise with the community. Share, Steal, Post, Comment, Love, Applaud, Criticize, Go Crazy!

Suggestions to improve?