DrupalCamp NYC4

2 days of drupal-ogy at the Drupal Camp this weekend at the Polytechnic in Brooklyn. Lots of good people I met plus some cool modules I saw at the sessions.


My favorite drupal module was Media Mover that was developed by Arthur Foelsche from CivicActions to build this product called Drutube (lookout youtube). The whole project lets you upload your video file (in almost any regular format you can have), transcode it to a flash file (or tonnes of other formats), push it to Amazon’s S3 using a simple drupal form (yes!) and finally embed your video anywhere you want using an open source flash player that also supports playlists.

Met a couple of techie librarian enthusiasts and non profit entrepreneurs. There is a lot of buzz and excitement around these content companies for using drupal.

Robert Safuto from Awakened Voice recoreded a quick chat with me about the Daylife API platform and what I was doing there at the drupalcamp.