Accidental Branding – peterman, craigslist, burt’s bees

David Vinjamuri, a professor at NYU and a professional in brand management and marketing, had a book launch today for his new book Accidental Branding. The event had some really big names on the panel – J. Peterman of the peterman brand and seinfeld fame, Craig Newmark from Craigslist, Roxanne Quimby from Burt’s Bees, and the moderator Carolyn Kepcher of The Apprentice fame.

David Vinjamuri, John Peterman, Craig Newmark, Roxanny Quimby
David Vinjamuri, John Peterman, Craig Newmark, Roxanny Quimby

Each of these had a great story to tell of how things worked out for them. Basic theme was that they had that initial idea by accident but then they followed their core values they believed in to finally get the Success.

Some great things to share from each of these entrepreneurs:

J. Peterman – Break all rules and do what you believe in

Craig Newmark – Listen to your customer and “follow through”

Roxanne Quimby – Fill in the void that your consumer has with your product

Seems like self help business tips above, but very true and each of these had a story as to how they came this realization. A lot of companies have feedback forms (including daylife) and how many of those get to the right people and something gets done about it is what matters. Totally paying more attention to all feedback coming to now.

Have not read David’s book yet, but will post soon once I get on it.


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