Google Summer of Code 2008

Google Summer of Code Program is churning along and there are lots of companies/organizations, students and mentors excited about participating this year.

I am excited about a project proposal that I have submitted this year through Drupal. I really loved the idea of how the Drupal community started throwing ideas at one place, everyone gave feedback and then projects were put on the GSoC ideas list by a few admins depending upon the community’s feedback about any idea.

The Logo design for the t-shirt was just posted by a product manager at google and its pretty “fire-y”


Another cool part – Sumit Kataria, a senior in an engineering college in India is already signing up to implement the project proposal I have submitted. Pretty awesome to see college students participating in developer communities and reaching out in the community for projects.

If you got some free cycles, you should lookup projects on the ideas list for implementing them or being a mentor. I would love to hear from you if you would be interested in helping mentor my project proposal.

Plus, I am shaping up a mashup-WEEK contest in May. If you are interested in participating in any capacity (develop, design, sponsor, hangout), let me know. I will ensure to get Daylife to sponsor a Macbook Air for the winner.


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